Our Story

We call our ability to tell your story and care for your guests ‘the Art of Entertaining.’ It guides everything we do.

Occasions and Fine Food

A special moment for you.
An unforgettable experience for your guests.

Comestibles are a family-owned business, providing outstanding events and fine catering to the WA community since 1986. Alongside exquisite food and drinks, we offer everything you need to make your event exactly what you want it to be, from furniture and flowers to wait staff and marquees.

Our job is to make it simple for you. We take care of as much or as little as you need to entertain with ease and confidence. Whether it’s morning tea with a few friends or a grand celebration for hundreds, we’ll help you build your occasion from the ground up and keep you informed every step of the way – so you can focus on enjoying the time with your guests!


The Art of Entertaining

We consider every detail so you can relax and enjoy the occasion.

At Comestibles we see hospitality not as an industry, but as a heartfelt gesture of warmth and generosity which brings people together.

The Art of Entertaining is how we apply this philosophy to what we do. To us this means we put you and your guests first. It’s the way your music has been carefully selected to suit the mood – and the crowd – at your birthday party. It’s the special stash of granddad’s favourite beer we keep behind the bar just for him. It’s the food we set aside for you because we know you’re busy catching up with everyone. Simply put, it’s the million invisible details which come together to create a seamless feeling of welcome for each and every guest.

Everything you need to entertain.

Event Management

We manage all the behind-the-scenes work and keep you updated every step of the way.

Event Concept Design
the cultivation of ideas and inspiration for your event

Budget Management
every aspect of your event, managed within your budget

Live Event Management
a senior staff member on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly

Contractor Engagement & Coordination
one point of contact for all of the services which make your event happen

Entertainment Contracting & Management
worry free sourcing and management of bands, DJs and entertainers

ensuring everything is where it needs to be, when it needs to be there

Venue Management
the requirements of hosting an event in a park, private venue or public space

Risk Management
insurance, health and safety

Event Production

Set the scene with a full selection of lighting, stage and sound equipment.

lights and equipment to create mood and atmosphere

projectors, screens and sound systems for presentations, music and speeches

stages, furniture and equipment for live entertainment

Site Power
electrical equipment, from generators to cables and transformers

shade and shelter for outdoor entertaining


Everything you need – and everything we need – to create your occasion just the way you want it.

table cloths, sashes, chair covers and napkins

Crockery, Cutlery, Glassware
a selection of tableware to suit the style and setting

tables, chairs and occasional furniture

Catering Equipment
equipment for restaurant-quality food and service, wherever you are


A menu of exquisite food and drinks, and a team of professional staff at your service.

your own menu, created with your coordinator

a drinks selection to match the spirit of the occasion

Liquor Licensing
the legal, safety and administrative requirements of the service of alcohol

qualified, professional chefs and service staff

preparation and transport of your food, drinks and equipment


All the decorative touches you need to set the mood perfectly.

Floral Arrangements
flowers and decorative arrangements designed for you

Customised Uniforms
uniforms for our service staff, styled to suit the occasion

Colour Matching
sourcing the perfect decorative items to match your style and colour palette

ideas, equipment, props and decorations for themed events

Tailoring the perfect celebration for you is the heart of what we do.

Planning your event is a conversation. It begins with your ideas. We like to know your vision for the event and the story behind the occasion. How do your loved ones like to celebrate? What are your favourite things to eat and drink? Your celebration should be true to the things you enjoy, and we bring together everything you need to make it just that.

This conversation is ongoing, and it’s our job to make sure you feel confident and in control every step of the way.

Intimate or extravagant.
Every guest will receive personal attention.

Perth has always been home, and our business has grown with our city. Comestibles have helped Perth families celebrate some of their most important milestones – magnificent wedding receptions, private anniversary dinners, heartfelt wakes for loved ones – in many cases across several generations. Alongside these occasions, we have also created thousands of events for clients in the arts, government and the business community.

We have built our success on nearly 30 years of these events, from the intimate to the extravagant. It’s our great pleasure to provide this expertise to you in bringing people together to celebrate your own significant life events.


Health and Happiness.
Family and Friends.
A celebration of the things you love.

To Welcome

The comfort of every guest, present in every detail.

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To Nourish

An environment rich in the things which nurture connection.

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To Delight

A spark of something unique, the pleasure of the unexpected.

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Your occasion is more than a venue, food and music. At Comestibles we believe that the real celebration lies in the things you can’t necessarily see and touch. The feeling of warmth and companionship; the sense of being personally cared for. These are the things we value most, and the things we work to create for you: to welcome, to nourish, to delight.

Our relationships with you and our community of suppliers make everything possible.


We feel privileged to have shared in some of our clients’ most significant and personal moments.

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Our suppliers value quality, care and authenticity just as much as we do.

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The spirit of hospitality is giving, and we strive to share our success by giving in the wider community.

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