In the Office & Kitchen

People are the core of our business. The Values which guide our business are the same qualities we seek in the people who work with us. We look foremost at an individual’s approach and how they will carry out their role, rather than measuring their capabilities.

In an industry which thrives on human connection, we aim to build a team of the Avid, the Giving and the Intuitive. Detail is paramount, so we foster an outlook which is Discerning and Particular, with a Cultivated eye for what is beautiful. We welcome change and remain Assured of purpose, with an Avant Garde approach to trying new things.

Faith Nichols

Managing Director

Founder Faith Nichols has built Comestibles over 35 years and remains the head of our daily operations. Tens of thousands of Comestibles events have been created under her guidance, and the company’s current direction reflects her constant pursuit of new thresholds in the way we serve our clients.

Faith’s vast experience and strong connection to the Perth community have made her an authority in the industry. Her expertise in high-end catering gives her a unique command of both the kitchen and the floor, and her dedication to fine food brings a discerning eye for detail, beauty and balance to her work. Forthright and passionate, Faith’s presence in the office is marked by vigorous conversation, laughter and industrious activity. Her drive to create an exceptional experience for every client has become the hallmark of Comestibles events, and the standard of success to which we hold ourselves.

Prue Nichols

Vision & Strategy Executive Manager

Prue Nichols has worked at Comestibles since 1998, and has been an integral part of the evolution of the company. Equally adept in financial, operational and creative roles, and with years of experience in almost every service we offer, Prue has the unique ability to consider every angle of a project and devise a complete, seamless solution for our clients and their guests. Prue’s background in fine arts also contributes a fresh, unconventional aspect to Comestibles’ conceptual and theming work, and keeps us at the leading edge of trends in the creative world.

In her role as Vision and Strategy Executive Manager, Prue defines the goals we set; the Values we uphold; and the future we want to create. She maps our way forward and creates the systems and procedures to ensure we are always self-sustaining and always improving the ways we serve our clients. Her leadership is distinguished by intelligent, inventive use of our resources and meticulous thought, to ensure that the experience of Comestibles is never less than exceptional. Our confidence as a company is a result of Prue’s identification of our strengths and the ways we can use them to support each other. She builds and nurtures the team culture which defines not only who we are as a company but – most importantly – who we want to be.

Freyja van Oyen

Events & Opportunites Manager

Freyja van Oyen brings unique experience to her role at Comestibles, offering our clients a breadth of expertise which encompasses everything from venues and marketing to public relations and budget control. Her strong connection to the national events community, cultivated over 15 years, also gives her a finely developed sense for trends in the ways people entertain and socialise. She is a progressive manager of people who is seldom satisfied to rest with the status quo, and she has the valuable ability to manage teams across several different events simultaneously.

A career defined by national and international travel gives Freyja a rare global perspective, which allows us to offer our clients something beyond the traditional services of an events company. Her work with Comestibles recognises the value of creative industries in the hospitality field, and she maintains an active exploration of how we can create new experiences for our guests.

Alicia Ryan

Event Operations Manager

Alicia Ryan has built a career in Perth hospitality over 13 years, with numerous awards to her name and a keen commitment to the local industry. Her approach to her role as Comestibles’ Events Operations Manager reflects her thorough understanding not only of the craft of running an event, but of the people who make it happen. The backbone of our staff development program, Alicia ensures that Comestibles personnel are always providing an exceptional customer experience. She also adds her sure insight into local trends and client preferences to the development of our beer and wine selection and bespoke cocktail creation.

Impeccable management of time and resources is the hallmark of Alicia’s work. Her hands-on experience with live event management gives our clients the confidence that she can respond to any change clearly and decisively. Our relationships with our clients are richer for her expertise, and her leadership sees our team working together to exacting standards of success.

Anthony Craven

Chef de Cuisine

Comestibles is known for its exquisite food, and Chef de Cuisine Anthony Craven has a key role in maintaining the creativity of our kitchen. With a career spanning over 20 years, Anthony’s experience combines the quality and artistry of 5-star international kitchens with the logistics and leadership proficiencies of high-volume catering. He has a composed, reassuring presence in the kitchen, and leads his team with confidence and precision.

Anthony’s experience in hotels in Dubai and the Philippines has given him unique expertise in a range of specialist skills like butchering and seafood preparation, which give his food a remarkable refinement. His firsthand experience with international flavours and techniques also complements our strengths in superb European cuisine, offering our clients the choicest culinary creations of Asia and the Middle East.