Beyond the services we provide, it is our relationships with people – our clients and their guests; our personnel; our suppliers and our community – which give us purpose and pleasure in our work.

Hospitality in its most fundamental sense is grounded in giving and service to others.

It is important to us that we share with our community in this spirit, by supporting the work of people and organisations who are making a difference through service. Our relationships with these organisations often rise from our experience of working with them and the recognition of values we hold in common.


ChildFund Australia is an independent and non-religious international development organisation that works to reduce poverty for children in the developing world. We support their Vision of a global community, free from poverty, where all children are protected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential. We sought Child Fund initially as a way to help people who were often considered beyond the reach of Australian community programs. Since 2007, we have been supporting a child in Sierra Leone, a child in Nairobi and a child in Kenya.

If you would like to donate to Childfund, please visit

The Perth Symphony Orchestra (PSO) believes that music is made to be shared and experienced, and is known for playing in unique and unexpected places, performing music from every genre imaginable. We feel a strong alignment to the passion and dedication of the Orchestra, and its commitment to bringing music – particularly classical music – to the wider community. Comestibles provide the support we know best, through assistance with food and events services for PSO shows.

If you would like to join us in supporting the Perth Symphony Orchestra, please visit

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout began as a local community venture in Sydney’s Parramatta in 2006, and has since raised millions of dollars for St Vincent de Paul’s services for homeless people. At Comestibles we feel a very strong connection to the concept of home, and we want to raise awareness and support for those people in our community who are homeless. Faith Nichols took part in the first three sleepouts and came away with a new appreciation for the crucial role that home and family play in health, success and happiness – a role which we often overlook. Since then we have supported the event each year by providing meals and soup for the launch and the night itself.

To offer your support or register for the next CEO Sleepout, please visit

For 40 years Mission Australia has been bringing people together to enjoy a meal, entertainment and companionship on Christmas Day, particularly those who might be isolated, lonely or doing it tough. We have always identified with Christmas Lunch in the Park, as a reminder of all the things we take for granted at traditional family occasions. We provide food for Christmas Lunch in the Park to offer our support for this important initiative, which helps create a sense of family and community for those who might otherwise be without one at Christmas.

To donate to Christmas Lunch in the Park, please visit