Vision & Mission

We are driven to become the preeminent high-end events planning and food service company in Australia.

Fundamental to the way we work are our guiding principles. More than a company philosophy, our Vision, Mission and Purpose are the lens through which we view our everyday decisions and interactions. From the skills we cultivate in our team to the choices we make in our suppliers, we are always moving towards a fully realised Comestibles.

Our Vision is to redefine the highest reach of our industry by creating unique ways for guests to experience hospitality. We avidly exceed expectations as an assured service provider, an engaged employer and a conscious citizen of the world.

At the core of our Mission lies excellence in service. We deliver avant-garde events planning, cultivated food experiences and intuitive service to our clients, with a focus on how they can receive their guests with ease and generosity. Our greatest commitment to our clients, our company and our community is to give what it will take to make a real difference.

And our Purpose is the sincere intention underlying our interactions. With our clients, their guests, and with each other, we seek always to welcome, to nourish and to delight.