The Art of Entertaining

The confidence of a consummate host.
The approach of an artist.

Your experience of Comestibles begins at your first encounter with our business. This might be reading these words on our website, a phone conversation with our coordinators, or firsthand as a guest at one of our clients’ events. This is why every detail of our work is so carefully considered, from our values and behaviours to the way we prepare your food and style your venue. We believe that your event is more than products and services – it is an experience, and we are building it with everything we do.

We create this experience in the same way we approach the alchemy of cooking or the poise of gracious service. It is a balance of the empirical and the intuitive; of method and experimentation; of tradition and ingenuity. It is a dedication of skill and fine consideration which creates effortless comfort and enjoyment. It is the crafting of the intangible connections which unite all of the elements into an unforgettable whole. We call this the Art of Entertaining.